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“Paying It Forward” is very important to me at this point in my life. The partners on this page have done exactly that for me personally and professionally. I want to be able to offer to you the same opportunities that I received. These partners have been “game changers” in my life this past year and I am very proud to partner with such high caliber programs.

Remote Work Course 101

Work, Live, and Travel Where You Want

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This is what you've been dreaming about. And you’ve finally made one of the BIGGEST decisions of your life. After years of dreaming about it, you’re ready to live a life of freedom and flexibility.


But You're Concerned About Working Remotely


Letting go of security or your job scares you the most. Even though you know that remote work is possible, you still have concerns about how to find it and if it will bring in enough money.


While you’re open minded about jobs you could do to sustain your travels, working seasonally on a farm or scooping alpaca poop on a farm, may not be your idea of freedom (I’m not kidding about the alpaca poop!). You’d rather have steady employment and longer-term, reliable sources of income.

Fabulous Rving women

I am very excited to announce a special partnership with this group. Use my unique discount code KELLEYSEXTON20 to receive a one-time 20% off discount on their yearly membership.

Fabulous RVing Women hosts campouts for United States and Canada!  We offer the gift of friendship, support, and real-life adventure.  When we get together and do the things that matter to us, we're at our best. Our State Regions and Canada brings FABULOUS women together to do, explore, teach and learn. We are so happy you have joined us!


Examples of activities include potlucks, appetizers, lunch, dinner, drinks, happy hour, games, hiking, boating, and fishing and more.


We also offer educational information and programs provided by experience women RVers that have tried it all and come up with valuable solutions to the most common problems. 


What Fabulous RVing Women can offer you:


  • Campouts, mini meetups where you make friendship with members through camping, dinner, lunch, museums, fishing, hiking, just to name a few opportunities

  • Provide input to help other FRVW campers (member’s only)

  • Gain the confidence and knowledge to travel

  • Safety tips and advice 

  • Make friendships with other women and memories

  • Receive discounts (member's only)

  • Join your region (member’s only)

  • Publish your classified ads on the website for free (member’s only)

  • Check out other campground reviews and locations

  • Camping cooking ideas

  • Camping World partnership coming soon!


More information if you join our Fab website for $19.95 a year plus members benefits.


Fabulous RVing Women original group, not affiliated with any other groups.

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